Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Solve Problems “Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number”

How To Solve Problems “Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number”

Maybe one of you have experienced problems after installing Internet Download Manager like the picture below. This usually happens after you upgrade a new version of Internet Download Manager. “Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number or the serial number has been blocked. IDM is exiting..”, and if you click OK then it will come out the registration form to enter a valid serial number, but we do not know what is the serial number.

That was the warning that always comes up every time you open the IDM or after restarting the computer. If you previously have installed IDM without a genuine serial number or your IDM using crack or patch, sometimes even after the upgrade the new version can not be used because IDM caught us is the result of crack or patch.

The above problems usually appear on the results of IDM crack or patch, is due to two things:

1. IDM upgrade via auto update
IDM is always running with an internet connection. And when there are new updates ( new versions of IDM ), when your computer connect the internet and IDM is running, then the IDM will provide information if there are new versions of IDM, you are given the choice to download a new version or not. SHOULD you do not download directly. Because automatically, after the download is complete, the new version of IDM will be installed to replace the old version, IDM result you get caught if the crack so it will be blocked and can not be used.

2. The process of installing IDM connected to the internet
While you download IDM not through auto updates, but from a site that provides download IDM patch along, but during the install process, your computer is still in a state connected to the internet, then you will be blocked because IDM caught using crack or patch. For that you should never install the IDM in the computer connected to the internet.

That is the cause why your IDM suddenly blocked and can not be used. If that happens, no matter how many times you reinstall IDM, no matter how many times you restart the computer and install it again, your IDM still will be blocked and will not be used until you enter a valid serial.

Below are ways to overcome these problems.
1. Uninstall your IDM and restart computer

2. After reboot, go to Windows registry by click Start > > Run or it could be on the keyboard press the windows + R button

3. Type regedit in the Run windows and click OK or press enter on keyboard

4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > > SOFTWARE > > Internet Download Manager

5. Remove Internet Download Manager folder and its contents, then exit from registry

6. Now, you can safely install IDM again

Use Free Download Manager to substitute alternative software than Internet Download Manager.

Credit : Se7vn


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